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How To Customize Your Snapchat Notification Sounds

Snapchat Notification Sounds

One of the newest ways to share music is with the new” Snapchat” feature in the Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you take pictures and share them with friends and family by way of text, email or instant message. In order to get the best effect, you should turn off the sound on your phone. Read on to learn more on how to use this new media/video sharing option in your phone.

Getting notification sounds

Open the Settings app on your cell phone. Then tap on Sound option. Tap on “snapchat notification sounds.” Look for different apps in the list if you want to see the latest in snapchat notification sounds.

Tap on any of the available options in the list. You will see a graphic of a Snapchats screen. If you have an iphone 6s, there will be a tab for snaps. The tab will open up and you can see the various options for snapchat notification sounds.

If you have yet to try the new method of getting notification sounds, here is a quick review of how it works. Basically, you need to download one of the snapshots available for download on the site. On the top of the screen, there is a “new snapchat notification sound” tab. If you want to see what is new, tap on the plus sign next to it. This will expand a sub menu of options.

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Snapchat notification sound feature

If you are not signed up for snapchat, you can see what else is on the market by going to the external version of the app. It lists all the social media apps currently supported on the device. You can see which ones are supported on the device you are using. If none are available, you can try going to the internal storage to see if it can add a snapchat notification sound feature.

Now, you should continue with the steps above. There are 2 scroll options under the Sound tab. Choose the option with the text. This will take you back to the selection screens. There are several apps you can try, including Facebook and Twixxer.

After the selection, you should tap “set”. Now you will see the sound option. Tap it to begin. There are various options, including custom, looping, random and vibrate. You can customize the notification by changing its duration and sound. Now you are ready to test your new app!

Everything is working correctly

If everything was set up correctly, you should see the right sound now. Tap the microphone icon to hear yourself on the notifications area. If there is any feedback or problems, you can send them through Settings. Happy coding!

To get the code, you need to have a recent version of the Android OS installed on your phone or tablet. If your device doesn’t have the app, you should go to the Google Play Store to download it. There you will see an option for ringtones. Select the ringtone option and you will be shown a list of apps.

Tap an app named “Snapchat”. Now you should tap “open”. You will see an overview of the current setup for your selected application. If everything is working correctly, you should see a red circle on your screen indicating that the code was successfully executed. If that did not work, review trending news hub the steps above again and try to adjust various things until you get the right code for your app.


If you do not want to have to use the code every time you want to show the latest in, you can change the default setting for notifications. This will require you to re-download the free version of the app and set it up again. When you tap the overflow button, you will see the word “Settings” and a box with four options. Tap one of the options and enter your new password. That’s it – your new” Snapchat” wallpaper will appear in your notifications.

This is only one example of how you can customize your notifications. Other steps such as disabling sound, changing your default ringtone, and changing your URL will require you to go to the Play Store and download the appropriate app. Hopefully this will help you enjoy better battery life, more refined social media experiences, and more.

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