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The Power Of SMS Marketing In the Ecommerce Industry

Both SMS marketing and eCommerce businesses are the most thriving trends. That made them get along so well and was beneficial for the retail industry. Although consumers like to utilize their favorite communication, eCommerce can never go wrong by hearing from the audience. Do you know that over 90% of the leads prefer text messages, and over 52% of people also admitted that they like to interact with the brand using texting more than all the present forms of communication?

No just for e-commerce, there are various benefits of SMS Broadcast for the eCommerce industry. Why don’t you hop on to know more about how SMS marketing can change your e-commerce industry.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a marketing channel that utilizes SMS, commonly referred to as text messaging. SMS marketing works similarly to media and interacts with consumers at various stages of their buying journey.

To reach a massive audience with the content they open and read, you can’t easily ignore SMS marketing. Compared to the average open rate of email, it’s too simple to view why SMS is an important marketing tool for increasing eCommerce conversions.

SMS marketing is the most underused platform, but the present statistics offer an excellent opportunity for the e-commerce brands that make you unique from the competition.

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1.More mobile audiences = More sales

As of 2021, with the rise of technology, over 67% of the population is mobile now. So,

5.27 billion people are accessing a phone – where many of them can receive or send SMS messages. Technology isn’t slowing down, nor is the people’s interest in mobiles. check this SMS for Education

Mobile’s aren’t just tools to communicate as they are a mainstay in every eCommerce. Over the last few months, over 79% of smartphones purchased using their mobile over movies. That made SMS marketing the best strategy to look at.

Customers interact more with SMS.

Email marketing is known to be an effective marketing platform, but it is not the all-time best. SMS messages have a 98% of open rate.

Text messages aren’t just opened but also read in just 3 minutes. That made SMS marketing quite powerful than emails or other marketing channels. Even text message response rates are 294% larger than phone call response rates. Not SMS messages reach people, but they engage with them. If you are going after customers without any engagement, then your ROI can never satisfy your goals.

Cost-effective marketing channel

Ecommerce SMS is an affordable marketing channel similar to email marketing. If you set up automation as abandoned carts or welcome series, cross-sells, you could run it for a month before you view numbers or optimize it. With SMS, you don’t need to pay for customer’s attention as paid marketing channels or digital advertising and influencer marketing.

It is the most affordable marketing channel that produces 26X ROI. So, if it’s appropriately used, your brand can change overnight within your budget.

Best for dynamic targeting

After your customer opts for your SMS marketing program, you could begin with collecting information. This data and further data that you gathered from other channels could be helpful to target every customer. With the day, you can begin targeted segments depending on many factors.

● Target the messaging depending on location, gender, age with different kinds of messages.

● Differentiate the message depending on the geographical location, like changing the language of news or advertising based on the region or state.

● Send subscription reminders, order confirmations, and notifications about the products that are on your consumer’s wishlist.

A consumer-centric platform

Most eCommerce businesses claim that they follow a customer-centric strategy, but they do. An SMS is the finest example of a customer-centric platform that knows your customer pulse. Also check SMS for Marketing Campaigns

These days users prefer uber-relevant and personalized content that suggests,

educates, entertains them. By using SMS, you can try to be more personalized and human than a seller. You can even post about discounts or upcoming sales or announce forthcoming sales drops that work best for the products that achieved good demand. Ask the consumers about customer feedback that makes them think that you value their feedback.


The most significant advantage of SMS marketing is not advertising. It arrives in bite-size pieces, where people have familiarized themselves with their mobile sounds as regular communication. In this viewpoint, and with

SMS marketing, your Ecommerce can see a great height with near-perfect engagement with their consumers at any time, although when nothing is occurring in your marketing technique.

Do you need help with your eCommerce business through SMS Marketing? At Guni SMS, we have a team of experienced SMS marketing experts who already know how to bring your e-commerce businesses to newer heights and quickly assist you. All you need to do is just ping us.

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