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Filter tap Water to limit Traces of Pesticides and Endocrine Disruptors

The first solution that is quick to set up and the most economical is to install a water purifier or an under-sink. The Generations Futures association has published a report showing the presence of phytosanitary substances in many water points in India, even in the distribution networks. If today the quantities observed in the samples do not make it possible to affirm that there is an immediate health danger, it remains difficult to assess the effects of these substances in the organism over the long term.

Traces of molecules banned in France for years

Data from the Generations Futures report indicates that out of 273,447 water samples taken in 2019 across France, 25,566 correspond to the search form at least one pesticide molecule. “ Among these analyzes, 8,835 revealed the presence of at least one pesticide residue beyond the limits of quantification, which therefore represents 35.6% of analyzes looking for pesticides ”, adds the report.

The finding is therefore not glorious, especially since among these 185 molecules having carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic (CMR) or endocrine disrupting (PE) properties, some which have been detected are molecules whose use is banned in France for several years.

Thus, fungicides or herbicides such as Metolachlor, Simazine or Atrazine are still present in the water despite their ban since 2003 and 2004. The report does not mention the quantities found in the samples and does not indicate whether these substances exceed the authorized thresholds.

Installing a filter to continue drinking tap water

How, in this case, to ensure the good quality of the water that we drink? At a time when the consumption of bottled water also has its share of uncertainties, in particular on the transfer of plastic molecules and water and the rapid proliferation of bacteria, it is difficult to make a choice. The other alternative would be to turn to the filtration of tap water, directly from the consumer’s sink.

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Water filtration and purification systems remove limescale, nitrate and heavy metals such as lead, mercury or zinc in particular. There are several possibilities of filtration. The first solution that is quick to set up and the most economical is to install a water purifier or an under-sink filter.

With these devices, it is possible in particular to eliminate specific components or filter suspended matter if one already has good quality water.

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The installation of an osmosis unit for optimal water purification

However, the water purifier or the under-sink filter is not sufficient to effectively remove the molecules of pesticides and herbicides. For this, it is advisable to install a reverse osmosis unit.

It is a device that passes pressurized water through an osmotic membrane. In this way, the water is freed from 98% of impurities. The process is more complex than under-sink filtration but resolutely effective.

With this type of device, filtration is optimal. The water passes through various filters before reaching the membrane, thus eliminating sediments such as mud, sand or dust, then molecules such as chlorine. No impurities pass through the reverse osmosis unit, which makes the water consumed similar to spring water.

Why did you decide to install an under sink filter?

I couldn’t stand the taste of chlorine in the water for several years, so at home, the family mostly consumed bottled water. Likewise, I found that tap water made the coffee taste bad so I also used bottled water for my coffee maker.

Over a year, the purchase of water packs represents a small budget. In addition, it generated a lot of plastic waste. Not to mention the water packs to transport and store.

We chose the water purifier with a 3-way tap because it is an easy-to-install kit that does not take up a lot of space under the sink. EVERPURE cartridges are highly regarded in terms of filtering efficiency. We didn’t want to add a draw-off tap that requires drilling into the sink. The 3-way valve solution seemed simpler to us, and it is!

Which professional did you hire to install your Everpure filter?

Anybody! We installed it ourselves last winter. My husband is a handyman, but not a plumber, and he did very well! We did a dry erection on the floor before installing it under the sink. It is the installation of the 3-way valve that took us the most time I believe. But in all, I think that in 1h30 the water purifier was installed and everything worked. In terms of cost, we only have the purchase of the purifier because this kind of equipment does not require the use of an installer.

What are your uses with this filtered water?

We consume it every day with meals. I also use it in cooking for cooking pasta, stews and washing vegetables. The whole family is equipped with a water bottle for sport, school and work. The first glasses of water were a real pleasure! No more smell and taste at all. It is not cloudy either when pulled on the tap.

The quality of the water was not a problem for us. It was really the taste that didn’t suit us. And there, on this site, we are completely satisfied. In addition, the EVERPURE cartridge filters certain residues such as lead and pesticides. It’s a real plus for your health!

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