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What Are the advantages of an After School Program For Kids?

As our children enter high school, finding activities that keep them busy becomes increasingly important. Activities allow children to explore interests and hobbies, develop social skills, and, in a good program, learn critical independent skills in a safe and controlled environment. While most parents are concerned about the safety of their children and may think that it is best to keep an eye on their children as much as possible, keeping them home after school might not be the simplest option. There are some advantages to allowing high school kids to participate in clubs and sports teams after school.

One of the main benefits of an after school program is that your children will learn to interact with their peers – children their own age in a comfortable and supervised school environment. With adult or teen monitors, these shows can be a great way for kids of different backgrounds to get together and develop a new skill or hobby.

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By learning a new skill or hobby and meeting a broader range of social acquaintances, your middle school child will increase her confidence and self-esteem. Excelling in a sport, a creative hobby, or just being a key player in an extracurricular project will teach your child that he can accomplish anything, even if it seems difficult. And when your child is confident, this will carry over to other aspects of her life, like school work. This can be an effective tool to teach you the value of setting goals and learning to accomplish things without being pressured.

Another great benefit of after school programs for high school students is the health benefits. After-school programs are inherently more active than watching television or playing video games. More physical activities for children will allow them to sleep better at night and can help prevent obesity.

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