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HP Envy 6455 Wireless Printer Issues & How To Punctually Fix It?

The HP Envy 6455 may be a self-healing dual-band wifi-connected high-performance printer. Its main function is to print, copy, & scan the paper or files. Inside this printer has an input tray that easily inputs the paper during this tray. The tray capacity is 100 sheets at a time. The Flatbed scanner is also there in the HP Envy pro 6455 printer that absolutely scans the documents. The Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB connectivity technology is enhanced during this wireless printer. However, the USB ports also are built-in during this printer that sometimes makes the reference to a Windows or Mac computer. Ordinarily, the printing speed of the HP Envy 6455 wireless printer is up to 10 ppm black, 7 ppm color. As compared to my previous printer this printer speeds positively 3 times faster.

The HP Envy pro 6455 printer provides an output capacity of 25 sheets. Along with this, you easily input 100 sheets within the printer’s input tray. The 802.11b/g/n WiFi network standard is definitely compatible with this printer. However, this printer is also compatible with your mobile phone. Just use the HP smart app on your mobile phone and then virtually scan, copy, or print the documents.

Incredible features of the HP Envy 6455 Wireless Printer

The HP Envy pro 6455 WiFi printer commonly used in every home. Because the printer is needed in every home nowadays. Moreover, this printer performs 3 functions and utterly works optimum. This wireless printer has incredible features, which are exhibited below.

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Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi connectivity technology

The HP 6455 wireless printer has connectivity technology such as USB, Bluetooth, & WiFi. This wireless printer completely works with dual-band wi-fi network connectivity. It is more compatible with the 802.11a/b/g/n network standard. Without WiFi network connectivity it does not perform well. The WiFi network connectivity is more important to the printer, scan, or copy the documents. If you think about how to connect hp envy pro 6455 printer to wifi then you use the HP smart app and connect your smart printer to the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band. This printer normally supports both bands 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. The USB or Bluetooth connectivity technology is also there in this all-in-one printer.

USB ports for Window or Mac computer

The USB ports are also there in the HP Envy 6455 wireless printer. These ports are truly beneficial to connect the window or Mac computer to the wireless printer. The USB ports allow the facility to connect your computer, laptop, or desktop to the printer. Without USB ports you do not have an option for the desktop. Then connect your desktop to the printer, you need a USB cable. The USB cable is also mandatory to make an accurate connection. Then, simply apply the end of the USB cable on the printer and your desktop ports. You carefully apply the end otherwise=SE connection is a disconnect. Afterward, securely share the files & documents.

Auto two-sided printing

The HP envy pro printer has a feature of two-sided printing. The other printers do print only one side, but this is not the case with this printer. If you wish to print any documents then you need to share these documents with the wireless printer. You ordinarily use the USB or Bluetooth connection and trouble-free share the documents. Although, you are simply sharing the document from your android phone. But for this, you necessitate an HP smart app, simply install the connection to the printer.

Troubleshooting ways to repair the difficulty of HP Envy 6455 wireless printer

Sometimes the wireless printer is not functioning correctly and the user faces many problems. But don’t worry there are some troubleshooting ways to resolve the problem in an easy manner.

HP Envy Pro printer doesn’t hook up with WiFi

Sometimes the problem comes when the HP ENvy printer does not connect to the WiFi network. Then, you need to verify the printer setting. If the WiFi option is disabled then it does not connect to the WiFi. maybe your mobile phone is not connected to the WiFi network then the printer is not connected to the WiFi network. Then you can ensure the problems.

HP Envy 6455 wireless printer won’t scan

If the HP Envy 6455 wifi printer won’t scan then the hp envy pro 6455 troubleshooting way is you should switch off the printer. Then, disconnect all the USB cable connections and also disconnect the computer and other desktops.

Wireless printer won’t print

If the HP Envy 6455 printer is not printing the documents then you need to check the sheets. If the sheet is blank then it does not print. Then you should verify the sheet to fix the issue.

HP Envy printer not working

If the HP Envy wireless printer is not working then you have to reboot your printer and then verify the problem. Maybe the power is not received by your printer. Then you replace the electric outlet.

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