First Horseback Riding Lesson And Love Have 7 Things In Common

Horseback riding offers new riders excitement and adventure. What should you bring to your first lesson in horse riding? This question is often asked by novice riders. You can ride horses in San Juan Capistrano, but only if you have a checklist.

This blog will show you how to pack your horse riding lessons in San Juan Capistrano.

Let’s see it.

Make Sure to Keep the Helmet Handy

For beginners, horse riding can be exciting and thrilling. Keep in mind, though, that horse riding is a big adventure. If you lose control of the animal while riding it, you could get hurt. Make sure you have your helmet handy before you go out on a ride.

This will protect your head against accidental injury. A pair of boots is also a good idea. Boots provide stability when riding the horse. Jodhpurs boots are great for horse riding because they give you great grip and stability.

Drawstring Backpack

Next, you should bring a drawstring backpack. For beginners, this is an essential tool to help you achieve stability. It will keep everything in its place. The drawstring backpack is easy to carry around and will keep everything in place.

You might lose your water bottle or other important gear when riding on the horse. It is possible for anything to happen. To keep all your belongings safe, carry a drawstring bag.

Metal Water Bottle

It is important to have a water bottle in your hand when you are going to horse jumping in San Juan Capistrano. Horse riding can be tiring and you need to drink water frequently. You may feel tired after a long horse ride.

You need to stay hydrated, no matter how much you sweat. You should always have a water bottle on hand when you are horse riding.

Safety Gear

Horse riding can cause injuries. You may be thrown from your horse if you have minor balancing problems. You should always have your safety gear when horse riding. You will need knee covers, elbow covers and boots as well as helmets to protect yourself when you are horseback riding. Safety gear is essential for your safety. These will protect you against potential injuries.

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When you go horse riding, sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen will protect you from sunburn and UV radiation. Apply sunscreen before you go on horseback riding.

Extra Shirt

Horse jumping is great fun. You should be aware that you may get your clothes dirty, and your shirt might get soiled as you ride on the open ground for the first time. Dirt can stick to your clothes.

You might also find your shirt gets torn while horse riding. If possible, bring an extra shirt when you first go horse riding.


Horse riding requires energy. You may feel hungry at times and your energy levels may drop. You can regain your energy and still enjoy horse riding by eating a snack. Remember to give your horse a healthy snack.

Bottom Line

These are the things you should bring to your first horse-riding lesson in San Juan Capistrano. These are all essential items to have a great time horse riding. You should also have extra clips for your hair and food for your horse.

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