Afghan Taliban Capture half of Afghanistan

The Taliban’s Advance Continues, Capturing the Afghan President’s Home Province. The Taliban continues to advance in Afghanistan and has seized more provincial capitals.

According to a foreign news agency, the capital of Uruzgan province ‘Tarin Kot’, the capital of Logar province ‘Pul-e-Alam’. And the capital of Zabul province ‘Kalat’ also came under the control of the Taliban.

So far, the Taliban have gained control of the capitals of 18 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, according to reports.

The Taliban also captured Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second most important city

According to Arab media, the Taliban arrested the governor. And the head of the city’s intelligence agency after taking control of Pul-e-Alam. The capital of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s home province of Logar.

In Logar, Afghan forces fought for 12 hours but then surrendered to the Taliban, reports said.

Logar Province is 80km from the Afghan capital, Kabul, and the Taliban have moved closer to the Afghan capital.

After surrendering to the Afghan forces, the governor of Uruzgan left for the airport to go to Kabul.

On the other hand, according to US media, the head of the Zabul Provincial Council has confirmed that the capital Kalat has also fallen to the Taliban.

Earlier in the day, the Taliban seized control of Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city.

Iran Concerns About Political Workers After Taliban Advance

Due to the Taliban’s continued advance in Afghanistan, Iran became concerned about its diplomats.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Friday demanded security. For Iranian diplomats in the Afghan city of Herat following the Taliban’s takeover.

A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. That the Islamic Republic of Iran was concerned about the escalating violence in Afghanistan. And called on Iran to fully protect its communications program following the occupation of Taliban Herat. it does.

“We are in contact with our staff in Herat,” he added.

The Taliban have snatched the city of Herat from government forces since the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops. While on Friday the Taliban also captured Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city, leaving only Kabul and other areas under government control.

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According to the Iranian News Agency, Rasoul Mousavi, the head of West Asia at the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Said that the staff involved in his diplomatic mission in Herat was fine.

He did not say how many staff were there but said the staff was still at the consulate and that Afghan forces. Who have now taken control of the city, had guaranteed the full protection of the Iranian consulate, diplomats, and staff. Is.

The Iranian news agency reported on Thursday that the consulate had been closed due to security concerns.

It should be noted that the United States and Britain have also ordered the deployment of thousands of troops on Friday to evacuate their citizens from the Afghan capital.

Us Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is Wrong, Al-Qaeda Will Return, Britain

The United Kingdom has scrutinized the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Notice that the resumption of the Taliban after the withdrawal of US troops would expand the number of assailants. Who represents a danger to the world.

English Defense Secretary Ben Wallace declared on Thursday. That 600 soldiers would help British residents empty Afghanistan after the Taliban took over more areas.

He told a British telecaster that the choice to pull out US troops would give the Taliban power, which would add to the challenges.

Ben Wallace anticipated that the US withdrawal would profit al Qaeda. Which the Taliban had given a place of refuge in Afghanistan before the September 11, 2001 assaults.

Talking about the agreement reached between the US and the Taliban in Doha. The British Defense Secretary said, “I feel that it was a mistake to make such an agreement. And maybe now we as an international community will suffer the consequences.”

He said that after the agreement reached last year under former US President Donald Trump, Britain had no choice but to withdraw its troops.

He added that 600 British troops had been sent to Afghanistan, which would now help evacuate 3,000 British citizens from Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the United States has announced a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, ending the 20-year long war. And this withdrawal is likely to be completed by September 11, 2021. Since the announcement of the withdrawal, the Taliban have seized power in various districts and say. Their war will continue until the end of Ashraf Ghani’s government.

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