Top 7 Places To Visit in Santa Barbara?

If you have never visited a city that is fully packed with many beaches along every side, then drop into this gorgeous location, the city of Santa Barbara.

A city surrounded by beach, flushed in the sand, running on the latest fashions on State Street, contemplating at watercolors in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, hop into this fantastic place to spend your holidays and have an incredible holiday.

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Please read the full article, where we will discuss some of the city’s most stunning sightseers that have kept magnetizing a massive population around the year.

East Beach

Visit the famous East beach, which is among the four main beaches in Santa Barbara: Leadbetter, Arroyo Burro, the gorgeous ones- West and East. The Leadbetter houses a harbor, and the famous Arroyo Burro offers serene views for travelers with dogs. The best one is West Beach that houses fireworks on the Fourth of July. The last and popular one is the East Beach which extends to catch some rays with fewer crowds. Stroll around the shoreline on the weekends. Visit this beach area to relax and de-stress away from the hassle of living in the city.

Old Mission Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Mission is situated in the northwest part of town, which is just four blocks from State Street and offers visitors a glimpse at the city’s early origins. The old mission was founded in 1786. This Californian mission was founded to colonize the region and renovate the native inhabitants to Roman Catholicism and was Spain’s 10th attempt. Hop into the famous destination, which is a functioning house of worship. In addition, this Santa Barbara Mission houses a museum filled with colonial artifacts and early photographs of the area.

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Whale Watching Tours

One of the famous and exciting things to do in Santa Barbara is to spot a whale watch. The Santa Barbara Channel has nutrient-rich water and thus is a famous feeding ground for numerous types of whales. You will find regular sightings of humpback whales and blue whales from late spring through early fall. Hop into this place to have a glimpse of Minke whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, fin whales, coastal bottlenose dolphins, and Risso’s dolphins. In addition, there are thousands of Pacific grey whales from late November through April, migrating through the channel heading towards the south to the warm water lagoons of Baja California.

Santa Barbara Zoo

The Santa Barbara Zoo is situated neighboring the Andree Clark Bird Refuge in the east part of downtown that offers visitors a glimpse of the exotic just a block from the sandy shore. You will find a small zoo is a well-designed property packed with a lot of entertaining creatures. This fantastic zoo structures a tall 26-foot rock climbing wall and a famous animal kitchen allowing visitors to observe animal food preparation. The zoo is home to many exotic species that include anteaters, leopards, gorillas, and penguins. Make sure to drive into this zoo to have the best experience amidst so many iconic habitats along with kids.

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Santa Barbara County Courthouse

The Santa Barbara County Courthouse is an ideal place to spend your weekend or holiday that is found across the city, which epitomizes the Spanish-Moorish architecture. This famous spot was completed in 1929, where many people rush to spend their time across the complex. Watch out for all the famous tile mosaics, beautiful colorful gardens, jaw-dropping view of the city, and the gorgeous ocean below.

State Street

State Street is the most famous avenue of Santa Barbara that is tucked through downtown and leading onto St earns Wharf. Visit this fantastic venue to witness varieties of shops, art galleries, including the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and theaters and attractions. You can have a wonderful experience on a ride on the electric shuttle for 50 cents. Enjoy your ride and shopping at this stunning place where many people get tired and slide into a chair near the dozens of local restaurants to recharge.

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