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Simple Tips To Stay Motivated

Many wish and plan to burn some calories, hence enrolling in a fitness program just to keep fit. But after they tried for few days, weeks or even months they feel discouraged. Some gave up because they couldn’t see any tangible results or due to a lack of motivation. And as a result, the zeal and passion disappeared. Whatever may be the reason that has led to failure countless times in your fitness journey, be rest assured you can still achieve that fitness goal.

Ways you can stay motivated and achieve tangible results are:


There are times when you are tired, too busy to exercise or don’t feel like it. It is okay to take a break and not force it. But it is very important to put it in mind that getting back on track as soon as possible is necessary to achieving your goal.

Get A Mentor or Partner

When working out to achieve a particular goal. I recommend you get someone you can be accountable to. So the person can help monitor and encourage you when needed. When you work out with a friend, mentor or partner it becomes fun and enjoyable. Even at times that you feel like giving up, there will be someone right there to encourage and support you not to give up.

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Make Your Routine Fun

Your routine doesn’t have to be boring because there is every possibility you stick to a routine that is more fun. So it is better if you have varieties of activities or exercises. As much as you want to stay fit, you also need to have fun in the process and stay motivated. As that will make you always look forward to your workout time.

Set Attainable Goal

For you to achieve your aim and result, there is a need for you to ask yourself, is my goal realistic and achievable? Because when you fail to set a goal that is attainable, it brings about frustration, disappointment, discouragement and you end up quitting.

The number you see on that scale is not a goal but the measurement of your success, so don’t rely fully on figures. Focus also on your eating habits like your daily fat intake, soda and snacks consumption. For someone that takes 3 to 4 sodas in a day, try reducing it to 2 for a start and gradually curb it to 1 per day.

Avoid Comparison

Comparing yourself to fashion models or someone that you both started working out with at the same time will not help you at all. Comparison can be frustrating at times, this can make you lose interest. it will discourage you from staying fit and keep you from achieving your fitness goal. Focus on yourself, stick to your routine and be consistent.


Everyone tends to be less motivated when it comes to fitness. Darren Airworthiness concluded that going through the tips above will help us to keep going. All we need is to be strong-willed to see ourselves achieving that desired fitness. Also, be flexible, get a workout partner, be accountable to someone and see the improvement you would make in your fitness journey

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