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Logan Puller Talks About the Future of Home Décor


Hi, my name is Logan puller and I am a home décor artist I have worked for many companies and I was also offered an apprenticeship but was unable to take it because I have to move out of the state. I am specialized in plastering, remodeling old houses, and many other things. Today I am going to talk about the future of home décor

Changes Occurring in Home Décor Designing

Everything around us has been changing, whether it is cars, schools, people, ways of living everything is being evolved, so does the home décor trends. If you have been keeping an eye on the design industry, the new homes have been more pretty and more functional from our traditional designs. They are now offering the functionality that traditional homes don’t have. Me logan puller have been in this industry for some years and have seen the designs of home changing and evolving so,

Here Are Some Designs and Ideas That Are The Future of Home Décor

1- Rooftop Solar

For quite some time humans and scientists have been figuring out the replacement of electricity. Many sources can replace but the best and the most efficient one is getting the power from the sun through solar panels. They are cost-efficient and powerful. And it is the best

2- Home Gyms and Exercise Equipment

This is the most common trend that is going to take over the future after the rise of the corona pandemic. Now people are hesitating to visit crowded places, gyms, malls, are the prime example of that.

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3- Abundant Natural Lighting

studies have proved that more than half of the world’s population is vitamin D deficient due to lack of sunlight. And insufficient sun exposure. As designers are creating designs that have big windows and have proper sunlight passage.

4- Using The Space Efficiently

As mentioned, the young and aspiring artists are doing what they can to fill out the empty spaces. Within the next 10-15 years the homes will come will build in hidden storages to use the amount of space to their fullest. Examples under the stair’s compartments, inbuilt drawers in walls. To empty the space to be more productive with those spaces.

5- Advance Security Systems

The most important and concerning thing people face is the security they are most worried about that and over the next decade, this sector will see a jump in advanced security systems in homes. Pin pad entry, security alarms, motion sensors will be the key to their designs. The property with the higher value will come pre-built with self-locking doors and remote-controlled windows.

In the end, home designs are changing according to the advancement in technology. And they are planning their new projects, around the needs and trends.

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